Join a Respectful, Supportive Community of Lifelong Learners

Upper School students walking to the Language and Performing Arts Center

Our Upper School is a diverse learning community with students from several counties and countries, and perhaps what is most unique is the culture created by students and teachers. There is no single definition of success here, no single dream college, and no one way to do things. CWA offers a supportive community where students are respected, challenged, and encouraged to fully participate as their authentic selves.

Upper School Features

• Small classes taught by talented and supportive faculty

• Advanced Placement (AP) courses and electives 

• Inclusive and competitive athletics

• Exceptional visual and performing arts programs 

• Experiential learning, outdoor education, and opportunities for travel

• Active and inclusive student life, clubs, and affinity groups

• School-wide student support and learning specialists

• Robust college counseling program

“Charles Wright is a place where unique, talented, confident, and caring people come together to learn and grow.  At this school, there are no rigid stereotypical student groups of athletes, or performers, or nerds.  We are all a little sporty, we can all put on a little show, and we’re all a little nerdy.  We all weave in and out of many different groups, and because of this, we all get to know each other.  We get to see things from someone else’s point of view.  And we get to appreciate everything every single individual has to offer.”   

— Recent CWA Graduate